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Enter your postcode to check whether or not you are in a Kaolin (china clay) or Ball Clay area.

The Postcode Search service provided on this page allows an initial assessment of whether a property is in an area that may be affected by kaolin or ball clay development.

If the Postcode Search reveals that a search is recommended it is necessary to submit an A4 plan showing the location of the property, together with the appropriate fee to obtain a specific report, as shown below. Incorrect cheques will be returned and the search deferred until the correct payment is received. There is no facility to undertake searches on-line.

Please note:

The search service is intended to reveal information that would not be available through examination of your deeds or the usual local authority searches. The search is carried out with reference to material in the possession of or available to the  respective companies at the time of the search. From this material they endeavour to give as accurate a report as possible. However neither the Association nor the respective companies can accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions there may be with respect to those records. 

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Search Tariff and Information

Current tariff:
- £62.50 plus VAT (£75.00) for a Normal search on a single dwelling.
(please include A4 plan showing location of property, with fee)

- £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00) for an Urgent Search, or for searches on e.g. Solar farms, golf clubs, retail.
(please include A4 plan and undertaking to pay fee)


For china clay searches in Cornwall and Devon please direct your enquiry to:

Imerys Minerals Ltd
Par Moor Centre
Par Moor Road
PL24 2SQ – marked for the attention of Sean Simpson

Telephone: 01726 818496
Fax: 01726 811200
VAT No. GB131748378

For ball clay searches in Devon and Dorset please direct your enquiry to:

Sibelco UK Ltd
Brookside Hall
CW11 4TF – marked for the attention of Nicola Cole

Telephone: 01270 752522
Fax: 01720 752410
VAT No. GB 209571166