Welcome to the Trade Association that represents the interests of all the current producers of kaolin (china clay) and ball clay in the United Kingdom.

Our member companies Imerys Minerals Ltd, Sibelco UK Ltd and Goonvean Ltd produce industrial minerals that are essential ingredients in the making of everyday objects and products used in and around homes and workplaces throughout the world. Follow the links to these companies to find out more about these minerals.

For many years the Kaolin and Ball Clay Association and its predecessors, the China Clay Association and the British Ball Clay Producers Federation, have been providing a search service for people buying property in and around the mineral working areas in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

With effect from 1 April 2009 this service will be carried out by our member companies, Imerys Minerals Ltd and Sibelco UK Ltd.

On this site you will find information to help you decide whether a search is necessary and how to request one. Follow the link to Postcode Search to see a list of Post Code areas within which a search is recommended. This page also contains the address and contact numbers , for the companies carrying out the searches and the fees for a search.

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